Closed consultations

On this page you will be able to view and download past consultations that we have issued.


Consultation on fees and charges for the authorisation and supervision of Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) by the Bar Standards Board

Supplementary Note to the above consultation (Published on 6 February 2019)

Analysis of consultation responses and decisions of the Board in March 2019

December 2018

Response to the Competition and Markets Authority's Recommendations

Introduction to the guidance

Mandatory transparency rules for all self-employed barristers, chambers and BSB entities

Additional transparency rules for those undertaking Public Access work

Additional best practice on transparency for all (which goes beyond the mandatory rules)

Checklists to help with compliance, and information about the BSB's supervision and enforcement strategy

Annexes, including examples of required transparency for certain Public Access services


Summary of responses to the above consultation.

September 2018

Consultation on the Bar Standards Board's strategic programme for 2019-22

October 2018

BSB seeks views on draft of new Bar training rules

July 2018

Sexual orientation and religion or belief monitoring within chambers and BSB entities

April 2018

Modernising Regulatory Decision Making

Annex 1 Modernising Regulatory Decision Making - Consultation Paper Governance Principles.

Annex 2 Modernising Regulatory Decision Making - Consultation Paper - Enforcement Decision Regulations.

A Review of the Bar Standards Board's Enforcement Decision Making

Appraisal of options for the Bar Standards Board's Authorisation Decision Making

Consultation event

BSB response to consultation responses

March 2018

Shaping the education and training requirements for prospective barristers 

Draft Authorisation Framework for the Approval of Education and Training Organisations

October 2017

Response to the Competition and Market Authority's Recommendations: Policy Consultation on Transparency Standards

Summary of responses

October 2017

Consultation on Changes to the Public and Licensed Access Rules

Summary of responses

June 2017

New information and registration requirements for the Bar consultation on rule change

Summary of responses

June 2017

Review of the Standard of Proof Applied in Professional Misconduct Proceedings

Summary of Responses

BSB response

May 2017

Consultation on a possible change to parental leave rules

November 2016

Future of Training for the Bar: Future Routes to Authorisation

COIC and Bar Council proposal

October 2016

Legal Services Board consultation: Section 69 Order to modify the functions of the Bar Council (links to the LSB website).

November 2016

CPD Rule change consultation

Read a report on the responses to this consultation


May 2016

Licensed access survey

April 2016

Future Bar Training: Professional Statement threshold standard and competences


March 2016

Draft Strategic Plan 2016-19

January 2016

Consultation: Fees and Charges

Survey questions on Fees and Charges

December 2015

Consultation: Cost of licensing authorised BSB Alternative Business Structures

December 2015

Consultation: Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates

October 2015

Consultation: Amending the definition of employed barrister (non-authorised body)

October 2015

Consultation: The Future of Training for the Bar: Academic, Vocational and Professional Stages of Training

A summary of the above consultation is available here

Read the responses to the above consultation.

July 2015

Consultation: Disciplinary Tribunal Regulations (DTR)

Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3 

July 2015

 Consultation: amendment to Bar Standards Board powers 

Our response to the above consultation is available here. 

July 2015

Consultation: Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

June 2015

Consultation: insurance requirements for single person entities

June 2015

Future Bar Training Consultation: The Professional Statement

June 2015

 Consultation on the Cab Rank Rule, standard contractual terms, and the list of defaulting solicitors

June 2015

Consultation on amendment to the Professional Conduct Committee's power to take "no further action"

February 2015

Call for evidence: review of standard contractual terms and the cab rank rule

Oct 2014

Entity Regulation: entity authorisation fees

Sept 2014

Entity Regulation rule changes and insurance

July 2014

Consultation Paper on Changes to the Guidance on Returning Instructions

April 2014

BSB consultation on litigation authorisation application fees

January 2014

Risk-Based Supervision Consultation

June 2013

Fitness to Practise

 March 2013

QASA fourth consultation

 October 2012

Bar Transfer Test

 August 2012

New BSB Handbook and Entity regulation

 June 2012

Public Access Consultation 

 March 2012

Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT) 

 February 2012

Proposed regulatory changes - QASA

 September 2011

Continuing Professional Development

 September 2011

International Practising Rules

 August 2011

Code of Conduct for the Bar

 April 2011

Equality and Diversity provisions for Code

 March 2011

Regulating Entities (third LSA 2007 consultation)

 December 2010

Quality Assurance Scheme for criminal advocates

 November 2010

Development of authorisation to practise

 June 2010

Advocacy Standards

 March 2010

The structure of Self-Employed practice

 October 2009

Review of the Code -conduct rules

 June 2009

Legal Services Act 2007 -LDPS

 March 2009

Acceptance and return of Instructions

 July 2008

Public Access Rules

 July 2008

Legal Services Act 2007 - Regulation implications

 July 2008

Complaints and Disciplinary processes

 February 2008

Equality and Diversity Action Plan

 January 2008

Chambers Complaints Handling

 December 2007

Review of the Code of Conduct

 September 2007

Entertainment of Solicitors

 March 2007

Acceptance of Instructions

 December 2006

Draft Strategic Plan 2007-09

 October 2006

Deferral of Call

 November 2006

Complaints Redress

 September 2006