22 September 2019

Equality and Diversity

We recognise that in promoting and safeguarding the highest standards of legal education and practice, we have both moral and legal duties in respect of equality and diversity practice.

We aim to ensure meaningful compliance with equalities legislation in every aspect of our work, to demonstrate best equalities and anti-discrimination practice and to embed the principles of equality and fairness into the day to day running of BSB business.

In order to meet this core aim, we work hard to ensure that:  

  • equality is embedded into all aspects of our work;
  • our standards apply evenly and fairly to those whom we regulate whether employed or self employed;
  • staff recruitment and deployment decisions are in line with our strategic aims and the corporate plan, as well as reflecting equality and diversity;
  • equality and diversity issues are taken into account in our own working practices; and
  • we promote diversity in the profession at senior levels and across different areas of practice.