15 September 2019

Equality Analyses

Tick - fitness to practiceWe undertake equality analyses on new and current BSB policies in order to reduce the risk of unlawful discrimination occurring and to explore ways of advancing equality and diversity.

Equality impact analysis is a simple and effective tool which can be used to ensure that the likely equality implications of a policy have been properly explored before that policy is adopted or revised.

We have developed our own system for equality analysing BSB policies which comprises two stages. The initial stage or "screening" is used to determine whether or not the policy is relevant to equality and if so, the second stage "full" analysis is conducted to determine the likely extent of the impact identified.

We have devised our own equality screening and full analysis forms, as well as a set of comprehensive guidance for those undertaking the equality analysis process.

Our equality team provides training for staff using the process and finalised analyses are stored centrally in order that associated action plans can be monitored and updated.