21 February 2019

How we do it

In this section of our website, we provide an overview of how we undertake our work as the regulator of barristers, their professional practice and specialised legal services businesses in England and Wales.

This information is for anyone wanting to find out more about our work. It contains information about our strategy and the way in which we identify risks to our regulatory objectives (see our 'What we do' section) in order to prioritise our work.

This section of the website also contains information about our governance structures, including information about our Board.


Our Strategy for 2016-19


Our 2016-19 strategy sets out the way in which we will regulate during those three years. It also sets out how we will respond to potential proposals for change in the regulatory landscape and its underpinning legislation. Our work over this time period is organised into three programmes:

  • Regulating in the public interest
  • Supporting those we regulate to face the future
  • Ensuring that there is a strong and sustainable regulatory function for the Bar.

You can read more about our strategy and more detailed information about our planned activities during the 2016-2017 business year, here.


Taking a risk-based approach to regulation


Our Strategic Plan is designed to be read in conjunction with our explanation of how we take a risk-based approach to regulation.

Risk-based regulation means that we are constantly monitoring the market for barristers' and advocacy services. We identify all of the potential risks that could prevent the Regulatory Objectives from being met. When we have done this, we focus our attention as the regulator on the risks that we think pose the biggest threats to the public interest.

We then take action to try and prevent those risks from occurring, or to reduce their impact.

You can read more about our risk-based approach to regulation and find out about the risk areas that we are going to be focusing most of our attention on during the early years of our strategy, here.


Our governance


We have robust governance in place to oversee our work, led by our Board. The Bar Standards Board is made up of 15 people, a combination of lay people (non-barristers) and barristers. It has a lay majority.

You can read more about our governance, our Board, our Independent Observer, our work with other legal regulators and our staff here.