15 September 2019

Our governance

On this webpage, you can find out more about our governance structure, our Board, our work with other legal regulators and our staff. 


Our Board

Our Board is made up of 15 people, a combination of lay people and barristers. The Board has had a lay majority since January 2012.


Our Committees 

We have three committees each of which reports to the Board.


Our Staff

We have 79 members of staff who work hard to support the work of the Board and its Committees.


More about our governance

The Bar Standards Board is the regulatory arm of the Bar Council, which is the Approved Regulator according to the  Legal Services Act 2007.


Stakeholder engagement

For information about our stakeholder engagement strategy.


Our work with other regulators

We work with a range of other frontline regulators of legal services. Together, we run the Legal Choices website, aimed at helping members of the public in dealing with barristers and other lawyers. The Legal Choices website can be found here.

In addition, we have a  Framework for the Sharing and Disclosure of Information with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.