23 September 2019


The Bar Standards Board is committed to ensuring all regulatory and management decisions are made to consistently high quality standards. All Board decisions taken in the public session are recorded and published on the BSB website. Subject areas discussed in private session are also recorded in the minutes.

The Board maintains an effective delegation system to ensure its resources are used efficiently.

A scheme of delegations which gives a table of delegated authorities is part of the Governance Manual.

Delegation of functions to committees

Many of the Board's functions are delegated to its three committees within their terms of reference in annex two of the Standing Orders.

Delegation of functions to staff

The authority for staff to take decisions relating to the regulated community is granted by the Board. It does this in two ways: 

  • setting out the authority which has been delegated in its scheme of delegations, which can be found within the Governance Manual; and
  • the BSB Handbook grants the Professional Conduct Committee the power to authorise regulatory decisions within its terms of reference to members of staff in the Professional Conduct Department.

The decision-making processes and operations are also linked to the relevant sections of the website.