19 March 2019

Our organisational values

The way in which we undertake our work is very important to us. We do this by adhering to a number of organisational values. These are:


Our Organisational Values


  • We operate to the highest ethical standards
  • We are honest, open, and inspire trust
  • We consider the social and environmental impact of our action


  • We are committed to quality
  • We are creative, innovative, and lead change
  • We are responsive, accessible, and accountable for our actions


  • We act responsibly, proportionately, and in the public interest
  • We promote equality of opportunity and equal access to justice for all
  • We value inclusion and diversity


  • We respect and support others
  • We value expertise, learning, and knowledge-sharing
  • We foster a collaborative and developmental working environment

Value for money

  • We are cost-effective and accountable for our use of resources
  • We work efficiently with an entrepreneurial and commercial mind-set
  • We strive for clarity, simplicity, and straightforwardness