23 March 2019

Our Risk Index

A catalogue of risks to our regulatory objectives

We publish this catalogue of regulatory risks so that those we regulate, and everyone else with an interest in our approach, can better understand the rationale behind our activities.

The Index sets out the things that we have identified in the market that could result in poor outcomes for the public and consumers. Where these problems arise in the market, they get in the way of us delivering our regulatory objectives and are therefore known as regulatory risks. Our Index helps us to structure our regulatory priorities. These priorities inform our strategy and our corporate objectives.

We also consider other types of risk - for example, the things we may do (or not do) as a regulator which can get in the way of us delivering these corporate objectives. We refer to these as corporate risks and they are not the subject of this Regulatory Risk Index. We also manage separately any significant risks that could impact upon delivery of our strategy.

You can read the Risk Index here.