24 March 2019

Our Strategic and Business Plans

On this page and within the Resources listed in the box on the right hand side of this page, you can find information about the strategic approach that we will be adopting during 2016-19. This outlines how we will undertake our role in regulating barristers and their professional practice and specialised legal services businesses, in the public interest.

You can also find information about specific regulatory activities that we will undertake during the 2018-19 business year.

The information on this webpage and within the Resources you can click through to from it, are designed to be read in conjunction with our explanation of how we take a risk-based approach to regulation.


Our strategic priorities for 2016-19


We have identified three strategic priorities to address during this period. These priorities are based on some of the biggest risks to our statutory regulatory objectives. The three priorities are:

  • The opportunity for those we regulate to improve how they meet consumer needs

What consumers want from the legal services market is changing rapidly. There is evidence that some consumers' needs are not being adequately met. We want to understand this better and improve the capability of the profession we regulate to meet those needs.  

  • Improving diversity and enhancing equality in practice and culture at the Bar

Those who provide legal services are instrumental in maintaining a fair and democratic society, and using the legal system to hold people to account under the rule of law. The legal system needs to reflect the changing make-up of society, and practice at the Bar needs to be sensitive and responsive to that.

  • Responding to commercial pressures on legal services providers

We want to safeguard consumers against the potential consequences of commercial pressures in individual practices, or the system as a whole, where those consequences are not in the interests of consumers or of justice more broadly.

Our work during 2016-2019 will be organised into three programmes:

  • Regulating in the public interest
  • Supporting those we regulate to face the future
  • Ensuring that there is a strong and sustainable regulatory function for the Bar.

Our strategy sets out our view of the context for the next three years and indicates how we will respond to potential proposals for change in the regulatory landscape and its underpinning legislation.

The full version of our Strategic Plan is available to read here.


Our 2018-19 Business Plan


Our Strategic Plan is underpinned by:

  • annual Business Plans which set out our programme of work for each year and the resources we require to support our activities; and,
  • specific strategies, policies and regulations which set out in detail our approach to particular aspects of regulatory and corporate activity.

Our 2018-19 Business Plan is available to read online.