20 August 2019

Fitness to Practise

This page is for barristers, and other people we regulate, who are part of the Fitness to Practise process and anyone involved or interested in this area of regulation.

The Fitness to Practise process is covered by the Fitness to Practise Regulations which you can find at  Part 5, Section E of the BSB Handbook beginning at page 216. 


What is the propose of the Fitness to Practise process?


The process is about deciding whether your fitness to practise is impaired because of your health and, if it is, whether anything should be done to restrict your practice. Please click here to read our policy on fitness to practise.


Where can I find out more information on this process?


We have some  guidance on our Fitness to Practise Regulations for people we regulate, their representatives, and members of any Fitness to Practise Panel or Appeal Panel which was created under the Fitness to Practise Regulations. 

The guidance may not cover everything and will be updated from time to time based on our experiences and any changes in the law. Please contact us on 020 7611 1444 for more information.


Can I get a copy of the regulations and guidance?


If you need a hard copy of the regulations and/or the guidance please phone our switchboard on 020 7611 1444 and ask to be put through to the Professional Conduct Department.