15 September 2019

About the Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) makes decisions about complaints regarding the conduct of barristers.  If a barrister, or person we regulate, has broken the rules in our Handbook, the PCC can pass the complaint on to a Disciplinary Tribunal or issue a warning or fine.  However, if the PCC thinks that there is not enough evidence that the barrister, or person we regulate, has broken the rules, it can dismiss the complaint.

At the moment, there are 32 members of the PCC, fourteen of which are barristers.  The other eighteen members have no professional legal training and are known as "lay" members.  They are very important because, between them, they have lots of experience and knowledge in other subjects. There are five Office Holders on the PCC including a Chair, two barrister Vice Chairs and two lay Vice Chairs.  The PCC is divided into two teams and meets once every three weeks to consider individual cases referred to it by the Professional Conduct Department (PCD). Although the PCC has the overall responsibility for the decisions we make, it would be impossible for our systems to run properly if all decisions had to be taken by the full Committee. Therefore, the PCC allows individual Committee members and staff in the Professional Conduct Department to make decisions outside of full PCC meetings.

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