15 September 2019

Andrew Veen suspended following Bar regulator’s investigation into misconduct

4 December 2015

An independent disciplinary tribunal suspended Andrew Tavis Veen for a total of 18 months at a hearing on 1 December 2015. He is suspended for accepting instructions without a practising certificate, not supplying client care letters as a public access barrister and for his conduct relating to his bankruptcy.

The sentence is to begin at the end of Mr Veen's current suspension for similar misconduct, following a previous disciplinary finding. That suspension concludes on 9 February 2016.

In the latest disciplinary hearing, the first charge related to Mr Veen's not holding a practising certificate between 1 April 2012 and 1 January 2013.

He accepted instructions during that period in August 2012 and in so doing offered to supply legal services and exercise rights of audience as a barrister. The client was alerted to the fact Mr Veen did not have a practising certificate five days before the trial was due to begin and was forced to instruct alternative counsel urgently.

In the second charge, Mr Veen failed to supply client care letters to his client as required under the rules relating to public access barristers.

In the third charge, between 17 April 2012 and 8 May 2013, Mr Veen was an undischarged bankrupt. His failure to cooperate with his trustee in bankruptcy, by not attending appointments, nor providing information to the trustee and his failure to comply with undertakings given to the court were deemed to bring the legal profession into disrepute.

The Tribunal found no mitigating factors in considering sentence against Mr Veen. On the first and third charges, an 18-month suspension was ordered for each. On the second charge, a 9-month suspension was ordered.  The sentences are to be imposed concurrently.

A spokesperson for the BSB said "This sentence serves as a reminder that barristers must be properly authorised to provide legal services to the public and must act in accordance with the BSB Handbook. They must conduct themselves in a manner with which the public can have confidence, or risk bringing the profession into disrepute."

Mr Veen has until 22 December 2015 to appeal the decision to the High Court.


Notes to editors

About Andrew Tavis Veen

Andrew Tavis Veen was Called to the Bar by Middle Temple in November 1993.

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