15 September 2019

Bahamas based barrister to be disbarred for falsely claiming he had been awarded a law degree and forging certificates

5 November 2015

An independent disciplinary tribunal has ordered the disbarment from the Bar of England and Wales of Bahamas based barrister, Mr Shavon Bethel.

This decision followed the Bar Standards Board (BSB) taking enforcement action against Mr Bethel after it emerged that he had falsely claimed to have been awarded an LLB law degree by the University of London. To back up this claim, Mr Bethel produced fake degree certificates dated March and July 2005.

Mr Bethel made the false claim in 2006, when he applied to become a student member of Inner Temple. He relied on the same false claim when he was Called to the Bar by Inner Temple in 2013.

The disciplinary tribunal considered that because of Mr Bethel's dishonesty, such conduct was incompatible with the status of a barrister.

Director of Professional Conduct for the BSB Sara Jagger said, "The public have a right to expect barristers to be honest and act with integrity. By falsely claiming that he obtained a degree from the University of London, Mr Bethel acted in a deceitful and dishonest way. The fact that he forged certification to embellish his deception, was a further indication that Mr Bethel is not a suitable person to be a member of the Bar of England and Wales".  


Notes to editors

About Shavon Bethel

Mr Shavon Bethel was Called to the Bar by Inner Temple in April 2013. As well as being a member of the Bar in England and Wales, he is a Counsel and Attorney of the Supreme Court of the Bahamas.

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