22 September 2019

Bar regulator launches consultation on the Professional Statement threshold standard and competences, seeks input from all

14 March 2016

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has today launched its consultation on the Professional Statement threshold standard and competences.

The BSB has previously consulted on the main Professional Statement and that was adjusted in the light of that consultation and formally adopted by the regulator in October 2015. The regulator is now seeking views on the Professional Statement threshold standard and competences.

The development of the Professional Statement threshold standard and competences is an integral part of the BSB's Future Bar Training regulatory reform programme. The regulator now seeks views on the competences newly-qualified barristers must be able to demonstrate at the point of being issued with their first Full Practising Certficate.

The threshold standard and competences have been developed to elaborate on the Professional Statement. Together, they clearly demonstrate the abilities and standards required for any barrister specifically at the point of being issued a full practising certificate.

The Professional Statement threshold standards and competences will inform our review of current training pathways, and will be used by training providers to create courses of the future.

An example includes:

Be honest in their dealings with others.

[Barristers] will ensure that they do not communicate in any way anything that they know or ought to know is untrue, incomplete, inaccurate, or likely to be misleading.

(a) Complying with regulatory requirements set down by the Bar Standards Board,including the Code of Conduct [1.16].

(b) Ensuring that they are honest about the limits of their knowledge, their experience, qualifications and professional status [1.18].

(c) Ensuring any information they give is accurate, true, complete and not likely to mislead.

BSB Director for Education and Training Dr Simon Thornton-Wood said: "We are inviting comment on our proposal for the Professional Statement: threshold standard and competences.The competences are designed to make sure the user of legal services receives a consistently high standard of service (if they are a client) or interaction with a barrister (if they are a witness or a litigant-in-person), even if the barrister has just been issued with their first practising certificate.

"The BSB is committed to setting and maintaining high standards of entry to a diverse profession that serves the needs of the community.

"We look forward to receiving responses to our consultation from barristers, training providers, pupil supervisors, legal academics and consumer groups in forming our final view on what the final threshold standard and competences should be."

Please read the full consultation document here.

The consultation closes at midnight on Sunday, 5 June 2016.


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