15 September 2019

Bar regulator seeks views on its DRAFT 2016-19 Strategic Plan

22 January 2016

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has published a draft version of its new Strategic Plan today and is seeking feedback about the strategic priorities that it has identified.

The strategy sets out the BSB view of the context for the next three years and indicates how the BSB will respond to potential proposals for change in the regulatory landscape and its underpinning legislation.

The draft Strategy shows the BSB aiming to address what it sees as three key risks to the statutory regulatory objectives:

  • Failure by those we regulate to meet consumer needs

What consumers want from the legal services market is changing rapidly. We want to understand this better and improve the capability of the profession we regulate to respond.  

  • Lack of diversity in the profession,  and discriminatory practice and culture at the Bar

Those who provide legal services are instrumental in maintaining a fair and democratic society and using the legal system to hold people to account under the rule of law. The legal system needs to reflect the changing make-up of society and practice at the Bar needs to be sensitive and responsive to that.

  • Commercial pressures on legal services providers

We want to safeguard consumers against the potential consequences of commercial pressures in individual practices, or the system as a whole, where those consequences are not in the interests of consumers or of justice more broadly.

The BSB's work over 2016-2018 is intended to be organised into three programmes:

  • Regulating in the public interest
  • Supporting those we regulate to face the future
  • A strong and sustainable regulator

The full draft of the Strategic Plan is available on our website, together with details on how anyone wishing to share their views can do so. 

BSB Chair, Sir Andrew Burns said: "The next few years are likely to be pivotal in establishing a modern Bar that is more robust and adaptable to the changing world of how consumers access the justice system, and how their expectations of high-quality advocacy manifest themselves. The way in which the profession is regulated will be fundamentally important to this. We would very much like to know what the public and barristers think of our strategic priorities for the BSB."

The regulator to host open sessions

Sir Andrew will host open sessions alongside Director-General Dr Vanessa Davies at our offices for anyone who would like to provide feedback on the draft Strategic Plan.

  • Tuesday 26 January, 5pm
  • Monday, 1 February, 5pm

To reserve your place at a session please email contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk

The final version of the regulator's new Strategic Plan is due to be published in April 2016.


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