23 September 2019

Bar regulator wants to remove restrictions on employed barristers, seeking views

13 October 2015

The regulator is seeking to broaden the definition of employment for barristers working in-house for organisations that are not authorised law firms, in a new consultation launched today.

This will give more flexibility for barristers and their employers, allowing them to work through agencies or other corporate vehicles.

The current "scope of practice" rules do not permit some of the more flexible working practices that are becoming commonplace. This includes temporary or locum work, and other arrangements where the employer's preference is to contract with an entity or agency for the provision of in-house services.

Barristers who wish to work in this way are currently required to seek a waiver from the Bar Standards Board.

This is the first step in a wider review of scope of practice restrictions.

BSB Director of Regulatory Policy Ewen MacLeod said: "We are seeking to modernise our arrangements for employed barristers working outside of authorised law firms, to reflect better how employers seek to procure these services.

"In doing so, we want to ensure that there are no unintended consequences of amending the rules."

The consultation closes on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 at 5pm.

You can read the full consultation paper here.



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