16 December 2011


The Bar Standards Board, the regulator of barristers in England and Wales, has announced the reappointment of its Chair, Baroness Ruth Deech, for a further three year term starting in 2012.

The Independent Appointments Panel (IAP) also requested that Sir Geoffrey Nice QC be re-appointed as Vice Chair for a further year. Recruitment for a new Vice Chair of the Bar Standards Board will commence during the summer of 2012.

The IAP has allocated differing renewal terms in order to prevent the Bar Standards Board from recruiting a new Chair and Vice Chair at the same time and to ensure continuity for the Board in the future.

Commenting on her reappointment, Baroness Ruth Deech, Chair of the Bar Standards Board said,

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my initial term of office and look forward to ensuring the implementation of many projects over the next three years. Our immediate attention will be focussed on our new Equality and Diversity rules, which cover anti-harassment policies, maternity and paternity leave and fair allocation of work, along with the introduction of the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates, a new Code of Conduct and Entity Regulation."

Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, Vice Chair of the Bar Standards Board, added

"The Bar has been subject to a great deal of change since our original appointment and I am sure there are more changes to come. It is our role to ensure that the BSB continues to develop and adapt to this changing environment, whilst providing effective and efficient regulation of advocacy and reiterating to the public that we are here to regulate in their interests".

Separately, the Bar Standards Board has confirmed the following appointments:

Simon Lofthouse QC - Chair of Complaints Committee

Rob Behrens - Chair of Qualifications Committee

Andrew Sanders - Chair of Education and Training Committee

Rolande Anderson - Chair of Equality and Diversity Committee

Sam Stein QC - Chair of Quality Assurance Committee

Patricia Robertson QC - Chair of Standards Committee

Richard Thompson - Chair of Governance, Risk and Audit Committee

Matthew Nicklin - Chair of Planning, Resources and Performance Committee

New lay members of the Bar Standards Board have agreed to serve on the following committees:

Rolande Anderson - Entity Regulation Programme Board

Tim Robinson - HR Champion and Planning, Resources and Performance Committee

Andrew Sanders - Quality Assurance Committee

Anne Wright - Vice Chair of Standards Committee; Education and Training Committee