16 September 2013

BSB statement in respect of Judicial Review of the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA)

The BSB has been served with an application for Judicial Review as an interested party. The Defendant is the Legal Services Board.

The parties have agreed a timetable which will mean that if permission is granted for Judicial Review, the case can be heard and decided well before any assessments are in fact made and indeed before the first phase of registration ends.

The BSB had been embarking upon drop-in sessions and other work in preparation for QASA before the Judicial Review application was launched. QASA has been the subject of extensive consultation. The Claimants have not sought a stay of the preparatory steps which are being made for the implementation of QASA. Having considered the matter carefully the BSB will continue with the preparatory work for QASA, which includes opening the Scheme for registration on 30 September in the Midland and Western circuits.


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