15 September 2019

Bar Tribunal arrangements nearing completion

26 June 2015

The first quarterly report for 2015 into the implementation of the 77 required recommendations contained in Browne Review shows that more than 90% of actions have been completed. 

The paper was considered last night at the BSB's monthly Board meeting.

Completed recommendations since our last update include:

  • The Council of the Inns of Court (COIC) has approved a new Bar Tribunals & Adjudication Service (BTAS) Appraisal Policy for Panel Members and Clerks, to come into effect in October 2015. This policy includes provisions for the targeted mentoring of panel members if significant or repeated concerns have been raised, to address any potential development needs they may have.
  • COIC and the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) have agreed the proposal to organise training for panel members every three years with refresher updates in between.  Dates and times are being scheduled.
  • Panel Members will be appointed for a term of up to six years, made up of two three-year periods.  Every three years, a new cohort of panel members will be appointed.  This way, there would an induction for one cohort and it would be a refresher for the second cohort.
  • The members of the BTAS SAB have agreed that induction and refresher training be developed.  The two components will be undertaken together and will be delivered for the first time in Autumn 2016, and thereafter repeated every three years with training in the interim as and when required

There are only two recommendations that are still progressing, pending BSB and SAB decisions.  This includes active consideration of whether an electronic case management system should be put in place.  The full report can be found on our website.

Last night, a BSB spokesperson said, "We are pleased with the continuing progress being made in the implementation of the Browne Review. The arrangements, which are now largely in place, represent a significant step in assuring the public and the profession that the disciplinary arrangements for the Bar of England and Wales are open and transparent." 


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