12 March 2012

Barrister Connect - update for barristers and chambers

We are pleased to confirm that during the first week of Barrister Connect over 40% of the practising Bar have activated their accounts. However, we appreciate that this is a new system and some barristers and chambers have encountered difficulties with the process.

Those encountering problems may wish to view our guidance or read our Frequently Asked Questions for assistance. If this does not address your query, you are welcome to:

 Contact our helpline on: 020 7242 0934 (9am - 5pm)


 Email: barristerconnect@barcouncil.org.uk

We are currently receiving over 1000 calls per day to our Barrister Connect Helpline and Records Department, with a 95% answer rate. We apologise to those who are having difficulty getting through to us. If you'd prefer not to wait on the phone, please email barristerconnect@barcouncil.org.uk and we'll call you back as soon as possible.

We're also receiving over 150 email enquiries per day. Our aim is to respond to all queries within 48hours maximum and staff have been working weekends to deal with any backlog.




We have had some feedback from barristers and chambers about the new system and we are taking this on board. Some changes will be made during the current renewal cycle and work is already underway, whilst other substantive changes will require further work and will be made before the next Authorisation to Practise process begins.

We welcome your feedback, please continue to send your suggestions for improvement to barristerconnect@barcouncil.org.uk and we will continue address any outstanding issues.