15 September 2019

Barrister ordered to be disbarred after second disciplinary hearing

2 December 2014

A barrister who successfully appealed the decision of a previous public disciplinary tribunal was yesterday ordered by a new tribunal panel to be disbarred.

Mr Giles Norton of Sheffield was ordered to be disbarred in February 2014 after the independent tribunal found he had failed to disclose previous criminal convictions for possessing CS gas and wilfully obstructing the police.

Mr Norton was also found to have falsely claimed on his Curriculum Vitae that he had a first class Honours Degree from Harvard University in Chinese and Information Technology.

He had previously successfully appealed the decision of the tribunal on technical grounds, which prevented the sentence of disbarment coming into effect. The grounds did not relate to the Bar Standards Board's case against Mr Norton but to whether or not the independent disciplinary tribunal was right to proceed with the hearing in his absence.

The appeal court ordered a new hearing, which took place on 1 December 2014 and which also concluded that an order of disbarment was appropriate.

For more information about the previous hearing please click here.


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