15 September 2019

BSB’s Strategic Plan and Risk Outlook launch provokes lively debate

17 May 2016

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) officially launched its Strategic Plan 2016-19 and Risk Outlook last month at a function in central London, to an audience of barristers, representative bodies of the Bar, legal consumer organisations and diversity groups.

The official launch follows BSB Chair Sir Andrew Burns' pledge to nurture a dialogue with the profession, as well as to engage with other stakeholders about what the BSB's three key risk themes mean for the public interest.

Based on the risk themes recently identified by the regulator, the BSB broke up the delegates into three discussion groups and allocated one of the following questions to each group:

  1. What are the implications for the Bar and for the public if consumers' needs are not met and where are the risks greatest?
  2. What are the implications for the Bar and for the public if we do not achieve a more diverse Bar which more fully reflects society and where are the risks greatest?
  3. What are the implications for the Bar and for the public from commercial and financial pressures and where are the risks greatest?

Lively discussion and debate took place on a number of topics, including whether commercial pressures really do pose a risk to high standards and what can be done to ensure that the Bar meets the needs of all consumers, recruits and retains female practitioners and reflects the diverse population it serves.

A full report of the discussions during the launch event is available on our website.

BSB Chair Sir Andrew Burns said: "This was a really valuable event. It gave us the opportunity to present our new Strategic Plan and explain our approach to risk. In particular, the Risk Outlook is a living document and we must scan the horizon continually for risks to our regulatory objectives. We can only do that by continuing our dialogue with the profession and the public it serves. The publication of this new report shows that we take the input of the Bar and stakeholders seriously. We want to continue that engagement."

Any further insight is always welcome at contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk and through Twitter using #bsbstrategicplan


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