23 September 2019

BSB publishes two-year equality and diversity strategy

10 February 2017

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has today published its Equality and Diversity Strategy for 2017-2019. This follows the publication of its Diversity at the Bar Report last month. That report showed that diversity at the Bar was heading slowly in the right direction but that considerable progress is still needed.

The BSB has developed equality objectives and a corresponding action plan to address the slow rate of progress of diversity at the Bar, and to improve access to justice.

The strategy includes an objective to address unlawful discrimination against members of the profession and consumers, and a commitment from the BSB to take all the action available to it, in all areas of its work.

BSB Head of Equality and Access to Justice Amit Popat said: "Since our last strategy, we have further developed our evidence base, enabling us to continue to address equality and diversity issues. This new strategy uses that evidence to further a key theme in our Strategic Plan: improving diversity and enhancing equality in practice and culture at the Bar. The Bar and the legal system need to reflect the diverse society that they represent."

You can read the BSB Equality and Diversity Strategy 2017-2019 here.


Notes to editors

About the BSB Equality Objectives 2017-19

  1. Address the causes of discrimination at the Bar because of a protected characteristic. 
  2. Reduce the barriers to progression and retention, and improve social mobility.
  3. Improve our understanding of the diverse experiences of students training for the Bar.
  4. Increase equality of access to the profession.
  5. Improve Access to Justice for vulnerable clients, with focus on immigration and young people.
  6. Embed Equality and Diversity best practice across all BSB departments.

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