21 August 2019

BSB statement on Kaplan’s decision to discontinue its BPTC Programme

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has learned that Kaplan Law School has decided to discontinue the BPTC programme, effective from September 2014. We are disappointed that a provider of high quality legal education is leaving the market, but we understand their reason for doing so.

We understand that current students will not be affected and their course will continue as normal until the end of term, with provision made to support all examinations, including possible re-sits.

Our immediate priority is to ensure those prospective students who are affected are fully supported in making the switch to an alternative provider. Students due to start in September will have a choice of alternative providers and will be fully supported in making this switch.

For prospective students who have been affected, Kaplan should be your first port of call. The Nottingham Law School's BPTC can still be studied at Nottingham Law School. We also understand that Kaplan has arranged for all prospective BPTC students to have an opportunity to transfer their place to the University of Law (ULaw). If you are prospective student who has been offered a scholarship your total fee will be exactly what it would have been at Kaplan if you should decide to transfer to the University of Law. We know that Kaplan will fully refund any fees paid or deposit paid to Kaplan.

The key thing for us is that students should be supported in making their own choices as to what they do next. The BSB is unable to endorse or recommend any specific institutions, but there are available on our website reports from our regular monitoring visits to BPTC Providers.

What happens next (prospective students only)?

  1. Students will be released from their place at Kaplan.
  2. They should nominate three other Provider choices to us via BPTCtransfer@barstandardsboard.org.uk
  3. They will be treated as a special cohort of applicants, and their application will be released to their three nominated Providers. These Providers will consider each application and may make offers accordingly. The BSB has relaxed the regulatory limits on the number of students that Providers can usually take in, so to ensure that Providers may accommodate those extra students affected by Kaplan's decision.
  4. In the event that their nominated Providers do not make an offer, their application will then be released to the other Providers in the current clearing round.
  5. In any event, an offer from ULaw will be made through BPTC Online for them to consider, if they choose to do so. The offer from ULaw will remain open to them until they make a final decision on their new Provider, based on the offers they have received.
  6. Students' offers on BPTC Online will then be reset by the BSB so that they will be able to accept an offer to study the BPTC at an alternative Provider of their choice.

We hope and expect that this process will not be more time consuming or disruptive than normal.


Notes to editors

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