20 August 2019

BSB statement on public access top-up training deadline

24 September 2015

The BSB Handbook states that barristers registered to undertake Public Access work on 4 October 2013 must either complete Public Access top-up training by 4 October 2015, or cease to undertake Public Access work.

The BSB has received feedback from training providers that demand for top-up training before the deadline of 4 October 2015 is exceeding current capacity. The BSB has therefore granted a 'period of grace' for one month, during which the providers may make available additional top-up courses. This means that barristers registered to undertake Public Access work on 4 October 2013 must now complete the top-up Public Access training by 4 November 2015. Barristers who fail to undertake the top-up training by this new deadline will have to cease public access work until they have completed the full public access course.

The BSB has appointed the Bar Council, Barristers Direct and HJT Training to provide the top-up training. The contact details of the training providers are as follows:

Bar Council: 020 7242 0082, PAenquiry@BarCouncil.org.uk or http://www.barcouncil.org.uk/supporting-the-bar/member-services-training-courses/

Barristers Direct: 020 7822 7000, lc@barristersdirect.co.uk or http://barristersdirect.co.uk/home/training.asp

HJT Training: 020 3405 2942, enquiries@hjt-training.co.uk or http://www.hjt-training.co.uk/public-access

Further information is available here

Barristers who no longer wish to undertake Public Access work should contact the Records Department on Records@BarCouncil.org.uk to advise that they wish to be removed from the register of barristers who can undertake Public Access work. If barristers are no longer registered to undertake Public Access work, they will not be required to complete the top-up training.


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