15 September 2019

BSB welcomes Ministry of Justice review into youth justice

12 December 2016

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) welcomes the Ministry of Justice's review into youth justice, led by Charlie Taylor.

BSB Director of Regulatory Assurance Oliver Hanmer said: "We welcome the report published today by the Ministry of Justice.  The BSB agrees with Charlie Taylor that young people appearing in the Youth Court should be as well represented as an adult would be in the Crown Court.

"We particularly welcome the emphasis the report places on competent advocacy and the need to address the financial value placed on advocacy within the youth justice system. Young people deserve competent representation and everything should be done to attract advocates to specialise within the Youth Court.  The recommendations that the report makes in this regard chime with our own work in this area, following the publication of research we commissioned in November 2015.

"As a public interest regulator, the BSB has a role in protecting the interests of the vulnerable. Since the publication of our own report, we have been working to look at ways in which we can improve the standards of advocacy within the Youth Courts.

"We have been focusing on the standards we would expect of barristers undertaking this type of work and we plan to publish our own guidance for barristers early next year.

"We look forward to engaging with the Ministry of Justice as it implements Charlie Taylor's recommendations."


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