15 September 2019

Changes to barristers’ CPD: BSB consultation about the rule changes is open

29 June 2016

As announced back in April, a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) regime for barristers on the Established Practitioner Programme will be in place from January 2017.

To prepare for the new CPD regime, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) has published a consultation seeking views on the proposed changes to the rules and regulations governing the new scheme. The regulator has previously consulted on the proposed nature and structure of the new CPD regime which has now been finalised. This new consultation concerns the rules that will appear in the BSB Handbook and provide the formal regulatory framework for the new CPD scheme. The consultation seeks comments on the way in which these rules are drafted.

The new CPD arrangements will mean that established barristers:

  • Will be free to plan their own CPD activities
  • Will have greater flexibility in the types of CPD activities they undertake
  • Will not be subject to any compulsory activities including accredited activities
  • Will not be subject to a minimum number of hours; and
  • Will no longer need to apply for an extension of time or a waiver from their CPD requirements.

The consultation closes on 1 September and can be found on our website. It also contains more information for barristers about the new CPD regime.

BSB Director of Supervision Oliver Hanmer said: "We are planning a series of activities for barristers across the country later in the year. These will be designed to help them understand and prepare for the new CPD requirements. We will inform barristers about these activities in due course. The current consultation concerns the rules themselves."


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