08 March 2013

Legal Services Board draft business plan response

The Bar Standards Board today responded to the draft Legal Services Board business plan 2013-14.

In a detailed response the Bar Standards Board praised efforts to work together more effectively and called for the Legal Services Board to improve its performance. The response outlined how the Legal Services Board should ensure it uses its regulatory standards framework to assess its own performance.  This would help ensure a greater focus on desired outcomes rather than defining prescriptive rules and processes.

The response also called for more consultation before commissioning research. Recent research projects have had limited value for the Bar Standards Board as they have concentrated more on solicitors than barristers.  Ensuring all research is independent and fully peer reviewed is also seen as important.

Director of the Bar Standards Board, Dr Vanessa Davies said: 'We welcome the opportunity to comment on the draft plan. This consultation demonstrates the LSB's commitment to an open and honest relationship with its front line regulators.  We are committed to a constructive working relationship with the LSB and that includes being frank about those areas of the business plan that give us cause for concern."