20 August 2019

Regulator removes restrictions on CPD Providers to create more efficient accreditation scheme

11 November 2014

The current accreditation system for continuing professional development (CPD) is to be overhauled and replaced with a more efficient scheme in the New Year, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) has announced today.

From 1 January 2015, CPD Providers must apply for accreditation as an organisation, rather than for their individual events or courses. Providers will be expected to self-accredit courses according to clear guidelines, under the revised BSB approval scheme.

The new scheme places greater responsibility in the hands of CPD Providers and makes the system of CPD accreditation more efficient. It is a significant shift from the current set-up in which the BSB accredits some 8,000 events and courses a year, and will make the whole process more flexible.

The BSB hopes that the updated arrangements will encourage wider access to accredited CPD activities from both new and existing suppliers. Members of the Bar will not be directly affected by these changes other than potentially benefitting from being able to choose from a broader range of CPD activities.

Director of Education and Training, Simon Thornton-Wood, said: "We are amending the CPD accreditation system to make it less bureaucratic as well as more efficient and effective. Providers will benefit from a streamlined and less onerous process and barristers should gain access to a richer range of courses, as a result. For us, this is all part of moving further towards a regulatory regime that is better targeted and more proportionate."


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