15 September 2019

Reminder: Barristers no longer have to return CPD cards to the regulator

15 October 201

  • Barristers no longer have to return their CPD cards to the BSB; 
  • BSB will not acknowledge record cards sent in; 
  • All barristers must still undertake CPD hours and keep their record cards;
  • The BSB will conduct random spot-checks of barristers' CPD record cards.

Barristers are reminded that they no longer have to return CPD record cards to the Bar Standards Board (BSB), following changes announced last year. However, they must still undertake their set number of hours and keep their record cards up-to-date.

Barristers should keep hold of their record cards and produce these for spot-checking, if requested to do so by the BSB. Barristers may be selected for spot-checking either randomly or if they have a history of non-compliance with CPD obligations or other regulatory requirements.

Barristers who send in their record cards, without being requested to do so, will not receive confirmation from the BSB and these record cards will not be assessed. If a barrister is subsequently called for a spot check they will be required to resubmit their record card.

The shift to select spot-checking is a key move towards proportionate regulation, saving time and money. It is anticipated that this approach will help protect the public more effectively by allowing the BSB to focus on the minority of barristers not keeping their training up-to-date.

Any barrister who is found not to have undertaken their required hours will still be required to do so. Barristers who persistently refuse to undertake the necessary level of CPD will be referred to the BSB's Professional Conduct Department for enforcement action.

For more information, click here or email cpdrecords@barstandardsboard.org.uk.


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