15 September 2019

BSB announces the appointment of a new Chair and lay members of the Independent Appointments Panel.

5 July 2016

The new Chair is Stephen Redmond. The two new members are Jacqui Francis and Bronwen Curtis CBE. 

The recruitment and appointment of Bar Standards Board members, including the Chair and Vice Chair, is carried out by an independent appointments panel.  That Panel must be chaired by a lay person and also have at least one other lay member,, skilled and knowledgeable in good recruitment practice.  Two lay members have been appointed to ensure availability for the number of recruitment processes that may become necessary. 

The new appointments fill vacancies created by the previous holders of these posts coming to the ends of their terms of office. 

Chair of the BSB, Sir Andrew Burns said: "I very much welcome these appointments to the panel which selects Board members. They do an invaluable job by choosing excellent candidates for the Board and ensuring that we use robust recruitment practices as we do so.  I look forward to working with them as we recruit new board members".

The incoming board members were selected from a wide field of strong candidates by a panel of BSB members and one other independent member, chaired by Sir Andrew Burns. 

Speaking about the appointments the newly appointed Chair of the Independent Appointments Panel, Stephen Redmond, said "I am delighted to be taking up my appointment at this important time for the Board. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure that the Board is able to appoint the very best people on merit and fair and open competition to its ranks"



Notes to editors

For more information about the Independent Appointments Panel see the Constitution of the BSB. This can be found on this page of our website.

For more information about the Bar Standards Board please visit our website.

For more information about our existing board members, visit our website.

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Stephen Redmond

Stephen has spent his long career in people management. In 1999 he was appointed as the first national HR Director for NHS Wales. He was Head of Personnel for the Department of Health, England.

More recently Stephen was a independent chair at the Judicial Appointments Commission and a member at the Judicial Investigation and Conduct Office.

Stephen has been a non-executive director at the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions and a non-executive director at the Crown Prosecutions Service. He was a non-executive director at the Coal Authority.

Stephen chairs appeal hearings for dismissed doctors and dentists.

Stephen served the Nursing and Midwifery Council for the last four years as a panel chair for fitness to practise hearings.

He has worked internationally for the British Government in developing countries.


Jacqui Francis

Jacqui Francis has her own business, Adinamay consultancy. It focuses on its core principles of providing confidential, bespoke support, being encouraging, challenging, impartial and constructive, and, above all, non-judgemental. Jacqui assists organisations and individuals with end-to-end recruitment and selection support. For organisations she provides independent scrutiny as an external panel member, this includes - Natural England, The Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health. Ensuring appointment processes are fair and transparent. For candidates there's advice on CVs and interview coaching. Jacqui also offers confidential governance support for chairs and board members.

She was an accredited Independent Public Appointments Assessor and has been an adviser and Independent Panel Member for the West Midlands Police Authority until the introduction of the Police and Crime Commissioner role.

She is an external Panel member for the NHS Improvement in NED recruitment exercises. She currently serves on the board of Birmingham Repertory Theatre. In addition, Jacqui is an Assistant Producer at a local community radio station - NewStyle Radio. The weekly show covers local & national news and politics.

In the past, Jacqui has been chair of the BBC Regional Audience Council whose remit is to gather the views of local licence fee-payer on TV and radio programmes. She was also a ministerial appointee sitting as a Lay Adviser on the West Midlands Strategic Management Board responsible for public protection arrangements.


Bronwen Curtis CBE

Bronwen has held leadership positions in both private and public sector most recently as director, human resources and organisational development for an NHS Trust. She is a former UK Board member of a global corporation, where she held the positions of vice president-human resources, planning and development and manufacturing. With 13 years of experience as Chair of NHS Trusts, Bronwen also served as a Civil Service commissioner.

She was chair of the appointments committee of the General Dental Council and is currently chair, senior remuneration committee, House of Commons, member, Speakers Committee for the IPSA, member, disciplinary panel for Judicial Complaints Investigation Office and member regulatory appointments panel, ICAEW.

Previously named Midlands Businesswoman of the Year, Bronwen was honoured with a CBE in 2007.