21 August 2019

Unregistered barrister Anisah Ahmed disbarred for falsifying information in pupillage application

28 February 2018

Unregistered barrister Anisah Ahmed was ordered to be disbarred from the Bar of England and Wales at an independent disciplinary tribunal hearing held on Tuesday 27 February 2018, following charges brought by the Bar Standards Board.

The tribunal found that Ms Ahmed had made false claims about her legal qualifications and had falsified information whilst applying for a reduction in the length of her pupillage in October 2013 by declaring that she had carried out legal work that she had not. In addition, it was found that Ms Ahmed had provided a forged reference.

Speaking about Tuesday's Bar tribunal, Director of Professional Conduct Sara Jagger said: "This finding serves as a reminder to barristers that dishonesty is not compatible with membership of the Bar. The tribunal's decision to disbar Ms Ahmed reflects the seriousness of her actions."

The tribunal's decision is open to appeal.


Notes to editors

About Anisah Ahmed

Ms Ahmed was called to the Bar in 2012 by Middle Temple.

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