24 August 2019

Old Style Bar Examinations

We can provide certifying letters and transcripts for the 'old style' Bar examination, or the Part I and Part II examinations, taken from January 1958 to September 2001.

Requests relating to the Bar Vocational Course taken from 1989/90 onwards should be directed to the appropriate Bar Vocational Course provider, as we do not maintain these records.

If you require a transcript or certifying letter to be posted directly to you, this will be sent in a sealed envelope, over-stamped by the BSB, which you must forward, unopened, directly to the body concerned, as the transcript/certifying letter states:

"This transcript/certifying letter must not be accepted unless it is received bearing the official stamp, or seal, of the Bar Standards Board and is contained in a sealed envelope over-stamped with the official stamp of the Bar Standards Board."

However, the outer envelope addressed to yourself may be opened without breaching the confidentiality of the transcript or certifying letter. Please note that the transcript or certifying letter will be issued in the names under which you sat the Bar Examination (ie as stated on the relevant pass list).

It is necessary that all applications for either of the above are submitted on a signed and dated application form which includes a Subject Information Statement.

There is a fee of £165.00 for Bar Exam transcript or certifying letter requests submitted by individuals or third parties (eg recruitment or screening agencies, employers). Where a request is submitted from a third party, the person for whom the information is being requested will be required to complete our application form, including the subject information statement. In addition, the fee of £165.00 must accompany the application form, in the form of a Sterling cheque or bank draft, or postal orders, payable on a UK bank, and made payable to 'The Bar Standards Board'. 

An application form and guidance notes are available by emailing authorisations@barstandardsboard.org.uk