23 September 2019

How we developed the Professional Statement

The original Professional Statement

We developed the Professional Statement in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. It is based on evidence collected from a range of consultative exercises.

In November and December 2014, we held a series of interactive workshops with practising barristers and legal academics. These workshops captured attendees' views on what knowledge, skills and attributes are required by all barristers on their first day of practice.

Information gathered during the workshops informed the development of an initial draft of the Professional Statement.

A working group, made up of barrister and lay members of our Qualifications Committee, Education and Training Committee and Equality and Diversity Committee, provided additional direction.

In spring 2015, we sent a draft of the Professional Statement out to consultation. Practitioners, consumer organisations and the academic community were invited to comment on the statement.

We considered all of the responses to the consultation before drafting our first full draft of the Professional Statement.

In autumn 2015, we published a version of the Professional Statement on our website.

Threshold Standard and Competences

After the publication of the first version of the Professional Statement, the threshold standard and barrister competences were developed using current BSB guidelines and comparable professional competences.

The threshold standard and competences were developed by two experienced experts, with backgrounds in law and policy development for universities and legal training providers. Once drafted, these were reviewed by experts including legal academics with experience in Bar training, a self-employed barrister and an employed barrister.

On 10 March 2016, an open consultation was launched seeking the views of the profession and the public about the threshold standard and the competences. This can be found here.

We published the final version of the Professional Statement for Barristers in September 2016.