22 September 2019

Complaints and the BSB Handbook

The Handbook replaces the eighth edition of the Code of Conduct. If you are a member of the public and you have a complaint about a barrister visit the  complaints and professional conduct webpage.

  • If you have a complaint relating to conduct of a barrister prior to 6 January 2014 the eighth Code of Conduct applies. If your complaint relates to conduct of a barrister after 6 January 2014 the Handbook applies.
  • If your complaint relates to a BSB entity or any person working in the entity, the Handbook applies.

The BSB now regulates a wider range of persons and bodies than just individual barristers. Our regulation covers all of the following:

  • Any person called to the Bar of England and Wales. It does not matter if they are practising or not.  Barristers who are not practising, or are not entitled to practise, are known as "unregistered" barristers;
  • Lawyers who are qualified in Europe ad are registered to provide legal service in England and Wales;
  • firms or companies who are authorised by the BSB to provide legal services.  These are known as "BSB authorised bodies" or more informally as "entities";
  • managers and employees working in BSB authorised bodies;
  • employees  working for (ie directly employed) by self-employed barristers  operating from a chambers therefore barristers regulated by the BSB