22 September 2019

For barristers

This area of the site brings together relevant resources for barristers, including essential practising information and guidance.


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Practising certificates for self-employed and employed barristers

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Barristers and Bankruptcy

Public Access


Authorisation to Conduct Litigation

Licensed Access Recognition Regulations

Statement by the BSB on refusing instructions and deliberately not attending court

Transparency Rules

Professional indemnity insurance

Barristers may wish to note that the Bar Council operates an Ethical Helpline to assist its members with enquiries about the Code of Conduct.  Please note, the Bar Standards Board (as the independent regulator) has responsibility for determining whether breaches of the Code have occurred, and in reaching this decision it will not be bound by advice given by the Bar Council or its Ethical Helpline.  It remains each barrister's responsibility to ensure he or she complies with the Code of Conduct.