22 September 2019

Notification of Associations

You are required to notify the BSB if you become involved in an association. The BSB handbook defines an association as follows: 'BSB authorised persons are sharing premises and/or costs and/or using a common vehicle for obtaining or distributing work with any person other than a BSB regulated person, in a manner which does not require the association to be authorised as an entity under the Legal Services Act 2007.'

Typical examples of associations are:

  • A BSB authorised body who operate in the same building as a non-authorised body and share costs with them.
  • A chambers who allow regular use of chambers facilities to non-authorised individuals for business purposes.
  • An authorised body who use another company for services such as advertising, call handling etc.
  • A barrister who works in the same premises as a non-authorised body and shares costs, or a barrister who uses a non-authorised body to obtain business.

If you are in an association on more than a one off basis then you are required to notify the BSB in accordance with rule rc80 of the BSB handbook. Please download the notification of association form  and submit it to the Supervision team at supervision@barstandardsboard.org.uk. If you have any questions, or wish to discuss the matter further, please direct these to supervision@barstandardsboard.org.uk. Alternatively, the Supervision Team can be contacted through the Bar Standards Board reception at 020 7611 1444.