23 September 2019

BSB Handbook Explained – Using the title “barrister”

Are you an unregistered barrister and unsure what you can call yourself?

Rule rS8 provides that you must not practise as a barrister unless you have a practising certificate, and rule rS9 defines practising as a barrister as including holding yourself out as a barrister while providing legal services. This means that unregistered barristers cannot use the title barrister, or otherwise convey the impression that they are practising as barristers, in connection with providing any legal services. If you are unregistered and providing any legal services in your employment, you should make sure that your employer does not use titles such as barrister, unregistered barrister or non-practising barrister on business cards, promotional material, letterheads, in its printed material or on its website 

The restriction on holding out only applies in the context of legal services. If you have been called to the Bar, there is no restriction on referring to yourself as a barrister if it is not in connection with the supply of legal services. More information on this topic can be found on our website.