21 September 2019

BSB appoints new pool of advisory experts

We have announced the first appointments to our new Advisory Pool of Experts (APEX).

APEX is a group of external and independent experts who may be called upon to provide specialist advice in areas of our work where an in-depth or more independent view is needed.

Initially, experts have been appointed in the following areas:

  • Competition and Economics;
  • Equality and Diversity;
  • Higher Education;
  • Insurance;
  • Regulatory Policy and Theory; and
  • Regulatory Risk.

The appointment of barrister advisers will follow shortly.

APEX is being established as part of our ongoing governance restructure which has seen a reduction in both the number of committees and the number of members sitting on the remaining committees.

The new approach requires more executive-led policy development and decision making, which APEX is designed to assist. Our Board continues to have ultimate oversight within our new governance structure.

The new appointments are effective from 1 January 2017.