15 September 2019

Complete authorisation to practise now/diversity data reminder

The 2016 Authorisation to Practise process is now open and you can renew your practising certificates online by logging in to the Barrister Connect portal.

While you are logged in please take a couple of minutes to update your diversity monitoring information, if you have not done so recently. The monitoring questionnaire can be found under the "Monitoring Information" on the Barrister Connect homepage. There is currently a fairly low response rate to this monitoring section of the portal; although provision of diversity information is voluntary the data is extremely important to us as it helps us assess the effectiveness of initiatives aimed at tackling inequality.

The data you provide will inform policies aimed at widening access to the profession and promoting diversity and social mobility. The analysed data will enable us to identify any trends and is key to meeting our statutory duties under the Equality Act 2010. Your data is completely confidential and will never be passed to third parties. We will only ever publish aggregated, anonymised data showing the diversity of the profession as a whole.