21 September 2019

Give us your views on our draft 2016-19 Strategic Plan

We have published a draft version of our new Strategic Plan and we are seeking feedback about the strategic priorities that we have identified.

The strategy sets out our view of the context for legal services over the next three years and indicates how we plan to respond, including to potential proposals for change in the regulatory landscape and its underpinning legislation, on which the Ministry of Justice intends to consult.

Our work over 2016-2019 is intended to be organised into three programmes:

  • Regulating in the public interest
  • Supporting those we regulate to face the future
  • A strong and sustainable regulator

The draft Strategy gives more information about what we will be doing but it would be helpful to have the views of others on what our priorities should be. We think three areas in particular will be important:

  • looking at how well the Bar meets changing consumer needs and what regulation can do to help;
  • looking at whether diversity at the Bar and cultural practices in the profession are keeping up with the  wider society and what regulation might be able to do to assist;
  • looking at the nature of current commercial pressures on barristers and how we can help barristers maintain their independence, in the interests of individual consumers and society as a whole.

We held two open sessions to gather feedback on 26 January and 1 February. The full draft of the Strategic Plan is available on our website, together with details on how anyone wishing to share their views can do so before 19 February 2016. The final version of our new Strategic Plan is due to be published in April 2016.