21 September 2019

Responses to the Future Bar Training consultation published

We have published the summary of initial responses we received to our consultation launched in the summer of 2015 on the academic, vocational and pupillage requirements to become qualified as a barrister.

The Future Bar Training consultation was open between July and October 2015. The consultation set out the reasons for reassessment of training, asked for views and evidence on the functioning of the current system, and explored some initial approaches for each of the current stages.

Fifty-eight responses were received. These came from a range of individuals (including legal academics and practising barristers) and organisations (including the Council of the Inns of Court, the Bar Council and several training providers).

We plan to set out our view on the options for future regulation in the near future. We will then work closely with the Bar and its consumers, the academic community and the Inns, training organisations and others to investigate the practicality of each.

In October 2015, we published our Professional Statement, which outlines the characteristics that a competent barrister is expected to have from day one upon receiving their practising certificate. Our thinking on the future training of the Bar will be designed with the end goal in mind - a barrister who meets the requirements of the Professional Statement and its underpinning Threshold Standards.

We expect to establish a preferred approach this summer, and there will be a further public consultation in late 2016.