21 September 2019

What is the purpose of the BSB Regulatory Update email?

A year ago, we renamed our monthly email to barristers, "BSB Regulatory Update". To celebrate the relaunch, we thought it would be helpful to remind you of the purpose of these emails.

It is important to note that, as your regulator, we have a duty to communicate with you on a regular basis. We do this monthly via this channel. From time to time, we send out additional emails to all barristers in any given month. However, as a general rule, we try to limit ourselves to contacting the entire profession just once a month.

The regulatory nature of this email means that we cannot permit you to "unsubscribe" from receiving these emails.

Although occasionally we might use the BSB Regulatory Update to invite you to one of our events or to let you know about our consultations, its main purpose is to let you know about the rules in the BSB Handbook. This is particularly true if there are any changes to the rules.

We aim to make the content in the emails varied and as easy to digest as possible. We try to include the most important points in the body of the email itself, and then use links to our website to provide further information. If you have any feedback on how well (or otherwise), you think we do this, we would like to hear from you. Please reply to contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk

You can read past issues of BSB Regulatory Update on our website; both 2015 issues and 2016 issues.