15 September 2019

New statistics on the BPTC published

We published the well-received BPTC Key statistics 2011-2014: An analysis of students over three academic years, in December 2015.

The new statistics provide information about the profile and diversity of students embarking on the Bar training course, what grades they achieved, and whether or not they were successful in obtaining pupillage after completing the course.

For the first time, an analysis is set out of how students fared at each of the BPTC providers, and the differences between those studying full-time and part-time.

The detailed information improves transparency: a key consideration given our role in ensuring the quality of the course. However, care has been taken to protect the identity of individual students. The data complements the information already available in the market for prospective BPTC students to help them decide whether to apply for the course and if so, at which provider.

We will publish further updated statistics in the coming years.