17 September 2019

Do you agree with our risk themes? Share your experiences with us to support or challenge them.

"What evidence base do you have for this risk?" asked a selection of delegates at our symposium to launch our  Strategic Plan and Risk Outlook. The risk in question was commercial pressures, featured in the third theme of our Outlook. The question was justified. We, the regulator, have planned and prioritised our resources for the next three years in response to this theme; it is only right that we can justify why it is so important.

Your insights and experiences can be some of the most useful evidence we can collect. Your suggestions of where to look can help us better target our efforts. Likewise, if our conclusions are erroneous, tell us. If your experiences are not reflected, share them.

In May, we published a report of the discussions that took place at the symposium. It is a useful summary of how other people felt about our Strategic Plan and Risk Outlook, which were both published in April. But, if you didn't attend, it won't capture how you feel. We do want to hear your thoughts; whether they are supportive or constructive. Email us at contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk.