17 September 2019

Forensic Accounting: launch of a new, online course for Pupils and New Practitioners

During pupillage, all pupils must attend certain compulsory courses including the Forensic Accounting Course. The Pupillage Handbook 2015 states that "the Forensic Accounting Course must be undertaken either in pupillage or within the first three years of practice" (New Practitioners).

The old two day face-to-face Forensic Accounting course has been replaced with an online, modular course designed to be undertaken at the user's pace. The new course format allows for a more flexible and cost-effective approach to training with no time needed to be taken out of court or practice. The solution offers a blend of pre-recorded modules and online live consolidation and practice sessions.

Benefits of the new course include:

  • A direct reduction in course cost;
  • No loss of earnings or time taken out of court/chambers/employment;
  • Live online sessions scheduled at convenient times;
  • Focused content streams according to each of three practice areas;
  • Flexibility to re-schedule attendance at the live online sessions (according to work demands) with sufficient notice;
  • Interaction with other delegates to increase the user experience and aid learning;
  • The opportunity to progress according to individual pace                                                                 

The new course was launched by BPP Professional Education on 29 March. Details of the course and availability can be found  on the BPP website.