17 September 2019

BSB Handbook Explained: advertising pupillage

Are you planning to advertise a pupillage? If so, you need to ensure that all vacancies are advertised on the website designated by the Bar Council; the Pupillage Gateway.

This applies to all chambers and entities. There is a list of information that you will need to provide when advertising a pupillage vacancy set out at rQ61. A chambers or entity must advertise a pupillage vacancy in this way. However, it does not mean other steps in the recruitment process (eg receiving applications for pupillage vacancies) have to be carried out through the Bar Council's website.

Finally, you must take reasonable steps to ensure that every member of all selection panels is trained in fair recruitment and selection processes (rC110.c) and that objective and fair criteria are used throughout all recruitment and selection processes (rC110.d). Further guidance on this can be found at gC142-144 and within the equality rules supporting information in our Handbook.