15 September 2019

Reminder: renew your practising certificate before 31 March

We would like to remind you that the authorisation to practise process is open for renewals.

If you have not yet renewed your practising certificate for 2016-17 please log into Barrister Connect to complete the process. If you are unable to remember your password please click on the forgotten password link on the home page. An email will then be sent to your registered email address so that this can be re-set. If you are not intending to renew your practising certificate for 2016-17, we would be grateful if you could change your status to that of an unregistered barrister, so that we do not contact you unnecessarily. You can do this by completing the notification form on our website and sending it back to our Records Department so that we can ensure your records are current.

If you have any difficulty with your account or password, please contact the Records Department on 020 7242 0934 or email Records@BarCouncil.org.uk. We strongly recommend that you register at the earliest opportunity so that we can assist you if you experience any difficulties. We would not wish you to incur the 20% surcharge that is imposed for renewals after 31 March 2016.

Barristers who wish to delegate block payment to their Chambers or Organisation should complete the Authorisation to Practise Declarations, select their Income Band and delegate in order to enable your Online Administrator to request their invoice on time. Your Chambers or Organisation may have a specific date that they need you to have delegated by to be included in the Block Payment, so please check this with your Online Administrator.

Barristers who fail to complete the renewal process by 29 April 2016 will no longer appear on our Barristers' Register and will not be authorised to practise. From 2 May 2016, any barrister believed to be practising without a certificate should be flagged to us for appropriate action. Undertaking reserved legal activities without a valid practising certificate is a breach of the Legal Services Act as well as a professional conduct issue.