21 August 2019

Participate in our licensed access research

Are you a barrister that has been instructed through Licensed Access?

Then we would love to hear from you! There is still time to fill in our survey on Licensed Access. The survey closes on 5pm, Friday 20 May.

Licensed Access is a form of direct access where professionals or organisations can instruct a barrister directly without using a solicitor, and without going through the Public Access scheme. Any barrister can accept instructions via the Licensed Access scheme (unlike Public Access, no additional training is necessary). Certain professionals are automatically licensed by virtue of being a member of a named professional body. Others need to receive a licence from us before they can instruct a barrister directly in this way.

We would like feedback on how the Licensed Access Scheme is working for barristers and licensed access clients. If you are a barrister who has undertaken Licensed Access work, this is relevant to you. The information from the survey will form a valuable part of our current review of Public and Licensed Access.