24 August 2019

Research shows room for improvement on Client Care Letters

New research commissioned by us together with other legal regulators and the Legal Services Consumer Panel (LSCP) has identified principles to help legal services providers better communicate with their clients.

Client Care Letters are required of all regulated professionals providing legal services, including barristers.

The independent researchers have recommended eight key principles for preparing effective Client Care Letters. They are:

  1. Show a clear purpose
  2. Keep it concise
  3. Put it in plain English
  4. Prioritise information
  5. Personalise information
  6. Make it easy to read
  7. Highlight key information
  8. Consider additional opportunities to engage clients

You can read 'Research into Client Care Letters' report on our website. 

These principles have been developed by the independent researcher Optimisa following the 'Research into Client Care Letters' report commissioned by the regulators and LSCP. The findings show that Client Care Letters are often not as effective as they should be, in making sure that clients understand the work that is being carried out on their behalf, or in outlining what is required of them.

We will be taking these principles into account when reviewing the rules and guidance for Public Access barristers.